The U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS Working Paper Series is a collection of papers that seek to be both informative and policy relevant. These papers cover a variety of topics that include tradtional topics of interest within the realm of Korean affairs as well as issues of emerging importance to the Korean peninsula.

The Korean Diaspora

This Working Paper series explores the underrepresented and/or marginalized groups of the Korean Diaspora. It examines both root causes for the migration or forced migration of [Read More]

Nuclear Security Summit 2012

The following papers examine both the substantive issues that the Nuclear Security Summit process seeks to address as well as the value and effectiveness of the NSS process [Read More]

Regional Diplomacy & Energy Cooperation

This Working Paper Series examines strategic opportunities for South Korea to increase cooperation and collaboration with its Asian neighbors. [Read More]

South Korea

This Working Paper Series examines issues relevant to South Korea's domestic affairs. [Read More]

North Korea

This Working Paper Series covers a broad range of topics relevant to North Korea's foreign and domestic affairs. [Read More]

Unification Considerations

This Working Paper Series examines a variety of concerns that will potentially arise in the event of reunification of the Korean peninsula. [Read More]

Researcher Biographies

[Read More]