Emily Potosky describes the current state on the peninsula as it relates to Korean reunification, and appraises the past and current efforts by the Korean government and public to collect funds for reunification. Through the evaluation of multiple scholars’ estimates of the cost of reunification, she argues that President Park’s statement that reunification will be a “bonanza” is overly optimistic. She concludes by examining multiple options the South Korean government can take to fundraise for reunification, including unification taxes, investment in a sovereign wealth fund, and the issuance of unification bonds.

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Emily Potosky is a recent graduate of SAIS, who concentrated in Korea Studies and International Economics. She is primarily interested in the interplay of economic and security issues in East Asia. Emily graduated magna cum laude from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in Philosophy Pre-Law and Classical Civilizations. She first grew interested in Korea after living there from 2010-2013 as a Fulbright Korea English Teaching Assistant (ETA). She currently works at the Tax Foundation as a Taxes and Growth Fellow, where she researches and writes about federal and international tax policy and their effects on economic growth.

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