David John Jea considers impact investing as a development tool and its applicability as a possible development tool in North Korea. Factoring in North Korea’s unique political and economic situation, his paper explores the pre-conditions, policies, and institutional structures that would make impact investment a potential development tool for a Korean peninsula on the path to reunification.

Read “Impact Investment in North Korea: Paradigm and Practice for Economic Development,” by David John Jea

David John Jea is a recent graduate of the M.I.P.P. program at SAIS, who was affiliated with the International Development Program.  He attended SAIS as a part of the US Department of State’s University Economic Training fellowship.  As a Foreign Service Officer, he served in Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, The Bahamas, and Washington D.C.  Prior to joining the State Department, he worked as an international development professional in Central Asia and as a Peace Corps business development volunteer in Russia.

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