2016 US-Korea Yearbook CoverThe 2016 Edition of the SAIS U.S.-Korea Yearbook analyzes important developments in North and South Korea that characterized their relations in that year. Each paper was written by a SAIS student from the course “Korean Reunification and Asian Regionalization: Challenges and Prospects,” offered in the 2016 spring semester. Their insights were based on extensive reading and study as well as on numerous interviews conducted with government officials, scholars, NGO workers, academics and private sector experts both in Washington and Seoul.

Student authors featured: Christine Brown, Jaehan Park, Stephanie Faulkner, Yunping Chen, Han May Chan, Emily Potosky, David J. Jea, Maggie Yuan Yao, Crystal Styron, Ashley N. Patton

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The Northern Limit Line: Challenge or Cooperation?, by Christine Brown

Christine Brown examines the history of the Northern Limit Line and the challenge it poses to reunification efforts between the two Koreas. She then evaluates the issue from the [Read More]

Presidential Leadership and Inter-Korean Relations: A Comparative Study on Roh Tae Woo’s and Kim Young Sam’s Reunification Policies, by Jaehan Park

Jaehan Park examines the policies of conservative presidents Roh Tae Woo and Kim Young Sam to determine whether their policies toward North Korea were markedly different. In his [Read More]

US Foreign Policy and Korean Reunification, by Stephanie Faulkner

Stephanie Faulkner uses post-Cold War US foreign policy towards North Korea as a basis for understanding the implicit US policy on Korean reunification. Through a comparative [Read More]

Factors Affecting Sino-North Korea Relations under the Xi Jinping Administration, by Yunping Chen

Yunping Chen examines the factors that affect Sino–North Korean relations under the current Xi Jinping administration. From leadership level, country level and system level [Read More]

The Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions on North Korea, by Han May Chan

For the past two decades, the UNSCR economic sanctions regime has been ineffective in denuclearizing North Korea. First, China is indecisive and cautious in using the sanctions [Read More]

Financing Reunification, by Emily Potosky

Emily Potosky describes the current state on the peninsula as it relates to Korean reunification, and appraises the past and current efforts by the Korean government and public to [Read More]

Impact Investment in North Korea: Paradigm and Practice for Economic Development, by David John Jea

David John Jea considers impact investing as a development tool and its applicability as a possible development tool in North Korea. Factoring in North Korea’s unique political [Read More]

In The Darkness: Current Status and Future Prospects of Electricity Supply in the DPRK, by Maggie Yuan Yao

Maggie Yuan Yao analyzes the current status of North Korea’s power sector and future energy prospects under the assumption of peaceful reunification. The energy sector, [Read More]

"The Better Angels of Our Nature:" Lessons from Post–Civil War America for Post-reunification Korea, by Crystal Styron

Crystal Styron examines and compares the Civil War-era United States and the modern day Korean peninsula. She argues that should Korean reunification occur, the newly-reformed [Read More]

Toward Reconciliation in a Reunified Korea, by Ashley Patton

In assessing the reunification of the Korean peninsula, one of the greatest issues that will exist surrounds how to peacefully unify the North and South Korean populations as one [Read More]