2007 was a year of extraordinary “big deals” on the Korean peninsula. Following the difficult 2006 that saw North Korea testing its nuclear weapon and difficult negotiations over security and trade issues with Washington, the Republic of Korea (ROK) made remarkable diplomatic breakthroughs on many weighty issues. But these agreements face challenges of ratification or implementation, and much work remains to be done.

The 2nd Edition of the SAIS U.S.-Korea Yearbook covers principal developments, including these “big deals.” The Yearbook is the product of SAIS’s Fall 2007 course, “The Two Koreas: Contemporary Research and Record.” Each chapter was researched and written by SAIS students based on in-depth readings and study. Additionally, as a part of the course, students conducted field research in South Korea, interviewing numerous government officials, think tank scholars, NGO workers, academics and private sector experts.